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I was very new to working with an editor, so I had many questions. Meghan was super knowledgeable and easy to work with even though I knew nothing. Whether you have five books out or this is your first book that you are having edited, it will be super easy with her. She worked with me and was super flexible with timelines and what I needed. I had no idea what to expect, but with her being so honest and transparent with the process it was a no brainer to use her. She worked with my budget and came back with so many good ideas to take my book to that next level. All her suggestions for improvement were gold and she made the book read so much better. I will definitely use her again for any future books.
-Tristan Mowrey, author of Spiritual Journey: Wisdom from God
Working with Meghan on my nonfiction book was a great experience. Meghan is very knowledgeable in her craft as an editor. She was very responsive throughout the whole editing process, communicated in a timely manner, and adhered to the set timelines. She worked out details I had not thought of and most importantly, she gave life to my manuscript in a manner that kept true to the tone of my work without sacrificing the intended message. I highly recommend Meghan and I will definitely use her again for future projects.
-Michael Pelaez, life coach, blogger, and author of Life Is a Pot Rack: Create the Life You Deserve
If you are a writer and need more than a writing coach to guide you–then you need to hire Meghan to DEVELOP with you. There is a difference between a writing coach and a developmental editor. #AllDevelopmentalEditorsAreNotEqual #EvenTheBestStoryBenefitsFromDevelopmentalEditing
-Dr. Annise Mabry, author of Educational Disobedience
Meghan’s help has been wonderful! Coming into the editing process I knew that my story was only scraping the surface, and I was searching for a way to push through that. Meghan’s editing and feedback was exactly what I needed; she was able to put just the right cracks in the surface to allow me to break though and delve more deeply into my story. Her dedication and hard work really shows, and my story will be the better for it. I will definitely be coming back and I am excited to continue working with her!
-Molly Cobb, author of The Edscaftian War (in production)
I am very happy to have found Meghan Stoll to professionally edit my debut novel, Smash It Like Cobain! She helped me in many expected ways, and equally in unexpected ones. Meghan’s ability to excise my errors and add the precise necessities of punctuation, tense, paragraph breaks, chronological and demographic accuracy, quotations, and the like was magical to my amateur writer’s eyes! And, her insightful suggestions into the mysteries of my characters, the countless details, and better cohesion of the disparate elements were… huge. Thank you Meghan!
-David Bush, author of Smash It Like Cobain!  (in production)
Meghan is phenomenal. I have used for editing two of my books and I am extremely happy with her work. She is thorough.  She keeps your voice while cleaning very important sentence structures and grammar. Her prices are reasonable. She is dependable, professional, extremely punctual – delivering when she says she will. I have absolutely loved working with her and am very happy and grateful to have found her!
-Rita Panahi, L.Ac., author of Simple Relationship Wisdom and How to Change Your Karma Now
I’ve used Meghan’s services more than once. She is great. I will keep using her. Great to work with, does a great job, and dependable to make sure the job is done RIGHT. She doesn‘t rush through.
-Jason Doll, author of Hearing God
Meghan is fantastic. I have full confidence that my work is publishable and error-free, and she gave relevant feedback and edit suggestions to make the work more readable. I am happy to have had such an excellent experience – I plan to write more books, and Meghan will be my editor of choice. Thanks, Meghan!!
-R. Cyril West, author of Infamous 1
Absolutely delighted with the result. Excellent communication. Added value to my story through her meticulous editing and elegant style. Meghan is very pleasant and professional. I will certainly use her services again and I highly recommend her.
-Raquel C., children’s fiction author
Thank you for editing my book! Great experience, I hope she’s around when I need her again. Very reliable, and her edits are not basic like others’. She cares about your writing and it shows in her edits. My book is better because of her. She’s a keeper.
-Ronder Scott, author of Photographer’s Dream
Meghan surpassed my expectations. She was professional in every aspect of this project. She provided great communication, very high quality editing with an emphasis on my requested areas, excellent notes, and on time delivery. I would not hesitate to work with her again. A++
-Dalia Burgoin, author of How to Feast While Fasting
Meghan was tasked with reading manuscripts submitted in various states of completion and accomplishment from individuals ranging in skill from first-time writers to previously-published authors. Her comprehensive reviews offered insight on quality of writing, potential of material, and marketability of the end product. It was necessary for her to excel in grammar, spelling, punctuation, composition, and the specifics of the Chicago Manual of Style… She was a quick and thorough reader and completed thoughtful and articulate reviews highlighting the required improvements to each manuscript. Her suggestions often improved the end content in a published book.
-Beth Robinson, former acquisitions editor at Brown Books Publishing Group
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