Published Works

Following are published books for which I have editing credit.
Cuckoo, Linda Hope
The Dew of Heaven, Angelo Paratico. Cactus Moon Publishing
Financially Sound: The Financial Freedom Playbook for Generation X, Howard Stevenson
Photographer’s Dream, Ronder Scot
How to Feast While Fasting: The Monastic Approach to a Comfortable Fast, Migdalia Burgoin
Hearing God: He Is Speaking To You, Jason Doll
Be Like Rowan: The Pursuit of Excellence, Jason Doll
God Through You: The Fruit of the Spirit, Jason Doll
Personality Traits of the Most Successful People: Pathway to Personal Development, Philip Clark
Roots of the Naynab: The Madness Tree, Malcolm Fernandes
Salespeople Are Like Tacos, Richard Grehalva
Educational Disobedience, Dr. Annise Mabry
A Staring Contest with Clouds, Haraval Qureshi
The Virgin Club, Kayley Wood
The Matchmaker Club, Kayley Wood
The Karma Book Club, Kayley Wood
Aetherborne, Book I: A Tale From Elsewhere, Marco Craine
How to Change Your Karma Now, Rita Panahi