Edited Works

Following is a selective list of now published titles which I edited in some capacity.
Cuckoo, Linda Hope
The Dew of Heaven, Angelo Paratico. Cactus Moon Publishing
Financially Sound: The Financial Freedom Playbook for Generation X, Howard Stevenson
How to Feast While Fasting: The Monastic Approach to a Comfortable Fast, Migdalia Burgoin
Hearing God: He Is Speaking to You, Jason Doll
Be Like Rowan: The Pursuit of Excellence, Jason Doll
God through You: The Fruit of the Spirit, Jason Doll
Personality Traits of the Most Successful People: Pathway to Personal Development, Philip Clark
Roots of the Naynab: The Madness Tree, Malcolm Fernandes
Salespeople Are Like Tacos, Richard Grehalva
Parenting Ninja Tips: The Art of Creating a Successful Child, Wade McCoig
Educational Disobedience, Dr. Annise Mabry
A Staring Contest with Clouds, Haraval Qureshi
Elevate Your Network: 25 Keys to Building Extraordinary Relationships in Life and Business, Jake Kelfer
The Virgin Club, Kayley Wood
The Matchmaker Club, Kayley Wood
The Karma Book Club, Kayley Wood
The Singles Club, Kayley Wood
The Soliloquies of Many: The Purpose of the Journey, Aundre Brown
Aetherborne, Book I: A Tale from Elsewhere, Marco Craine
The Far Reach, David Mueller
How to Change Your Karma Now, Rita Panahi
Simple Relationship Wisdom, Rita Panahi
Carolina Dance, Alex Cage
Bayside Boom, Alex Cage
Seems Like Smooth Sailing, Sam Catling
Don’t F This Up: A Simple Guide for the First-Time Boss, Gaurav Chawla
Infamous 1, R. Cyril West
Heroes and Jerks: The Best and Worst Who Ever Lived, Ed Daly
The Christmas Book, Ed Daly
Life Is a Pot Rack: Create the Life You Deserve, Michael Pelaez
Finding Me in Time, K. M. Gregor
Spiritual Journey: Wisdom from God, Tristan Mowrey
The True Worth of a Woman: A Journey to Total Health, Jimetria P. Benson 
Lost Boy, Michael Combs
Lost Boy: Brace Yourself, Michael Combs
The Long Road Home, Michael Combs
From the Streets, Diamond White
White Storks of Mercy, Book 1: Formation, Joni Anderson van Berkel
So Much Better: Life-Changing Strategies to Develop Calm, Confidence, & Curiosity to Become Your Own Inspiring Success Story, Dr. Cindy Tsai
Reason and Romance, Terrance Layhew