The final fine-tuning before you submit your manuscript for publication. After all other revisions and formatting have been completed, it’s vital that you fix one final eye on your book.
Oftentimes, formatting itself will introduce errors into the text; or, there are a few instances of errors that the copy editor didn’t catch.
A proofreading will address any last-minute errors:
  • typos or missing words
  • punctuation
  • internal inconsistencies (capitalization, spelling, etc)
  • spacing and font
Have you ever been sucked out of a story after encountering a blatant misspelling in the text? There are all sorts of tiny things  that can potentially distract your readers from fully appreciating your writing. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.
Instead of a Word document, you may prefer me to mark up either a hard copy with red pen or a PDF with Adobe Acrobat Reader markup tools.
Rate: $0.007/word (variable)